A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"fake and gay, 8/8" -Im not putting that name down you shit
"Don't fight the invisible walls 11/10" -david sayz

the first game I've ever made! whoa. there's no way I'm gonna try to make anyone pay for this. besides, I'm not sure if I could legally do that, as I got all music in this game from here. is it legal I'm using this music in the first place?

this was basically just a test to see if I could accomplish anything using unity3d. not very much happens, you'll be pretty bored. warning for possible loudness or eye strain?

controls: wasd to move character, mouse to move camera. left click on things to show text, left click again to remove text

PlatformsWindows, macOS

Install instructions

open up that zip file, whichever one suits your computer. do macs open zips. uh.


pc.zip 15 MB
mac.zip 16 MB